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Overview For people who are fastidious of maintaining their homes spick and span, a perfect floor cleaning option comes draped in the form of SHOPPINGSHOR floor cleaning mop. Without wasting even a minute, to benefit not only from a host of product advantages but also to enjoy the comfort of online shopping. Materials and Finish The list of items packed as a complete floor cleaning package include a mop, a bucket along with a pair of microfiber mop heads. Offering a perfect solution to keep every corner of one's home clean, the super absorbent mop heads has the advantage of 360 degree rotation enabling it to reach the cramped areas which cannot otherwise be cleaned. Accompanied by a stainless steel mop rod, this comes with another striking feature to derive the benefit of an extendable and easily collapsible mop handle, thereby becoming an ergonomically designed floor cleaning mop. The bucket made of plastic measures a water holding capacity of 5 Litres. Ease of Use Supported by a spin basket which works efficiently in wreathing out excess water effortlessly, this can easily be termed as an easy to use floor cleaning mop without requiring any power connection. The Best Home Cleaning Paraphernalia Proud of its durable bucket and handle, the SHOPPINGSHORT Microfiber floor cleaning mop ideally becomes an efficient collection of home cleaning paraphernalia, much to the appeal of cleanliness conscious inmates. (THIS PRODUCT INTRESTED TO CALL FROM SHOPPINGSHORT -8396012729)

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